Monday 9 March 2009

Mahatma’s Memorabilia

Auctioning and Vijay Mallya's winning auction of Mahatma's belonging is the mother of all ironies. The hype and uproar made for the belongings of the man who abstain from all sort of material possession is surprising. More than that, the memorabilia of the man who stood for teetotalism throughout his life is proudly bought back to our country by the man who earned his money form liquor business. What more do you expect from mother Irony!   

The message of the man who told that 'my life is my message' is lost in the oblivion. The man who killed Mahatma wanted to kill his ideas and beliefs. He failed. He could only kill the man. Now the people who want to keep the Mahatma alive are in reality killing the ideas and beliefs for which he stood and are trying to keep the man alive through his belongings. How ironical!