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The Language Laboratory Software

The language lab has seen ups and downs in the history of its evolution. Ths 60s and 70s witnessed up-rise and sudden decline in its usages.
Digital Education Learning Laboratory, Dept. of English, M.K. Bhavnagar University
To read more on the history of language lab, please click below given links:
Now, as we take second stride in the 21st century, we observe that language labs are again in demand. Technology is bringing in innovative changes in language labs and thus (it seems for the time being) languages labs are getting equipped with software which can beat all those reasons which ones failed language labs. Though it will be too early to say that language labs with new software are the 'in thing' and has no problem. It has its own problems of software and hardware. It seems we will have to wait for the dust to settle down and hold our horses for a few more years before pronouncing final verdict.

Here is embedded an interesting presentation by Dr. Kalyan Chattopadhyay and Prof. Dilip Barad on 'How to setup Digital Language Labs as Self Access Centres.

Here is the list of websites of those companies which provide state-of-the-art software for digital language lab (language lab with PCs connected in LAN): (the list will be updated):
  1. : 
Orell – Multimedia Language Lab System is developed by one of the top Indian IT solution providers open to domestic as well as international markets. Orell has Marketing and technical support centres in Cochin, Bangalore, New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai. (Having technical support is very essential for language labs)

ODLL (Orell Digital Language Lab) is a world class language laboratory software that is a seamless integration of state-of-the-art information technology techniques with proven language teaching methodologies and power-packed with an array of comprehensive study materials.

Since 1962 Young India Films has been at the forefront of introducing new technology in India, particularly in the education sector. The company was founded to distribute movies for Columbia Pictures, and moved swiftly into education. They were the first to equip schools with overhead projectors, LCD panels and, later, LCD projectors. When language labs first became available, Young India Films introduced them to schools and colleges across India. They now provide the most technologically advanced online language teaching resources on the market.

Clarity English Language Lab is a network based teaching software designed to improve teaching environment in the computer labs. Clarity English Language Lab enables a teacher to remotely control, monitor, broadcast, and assist students in teacher PC directly. With powerful functions and friendly user interface, Clarity English Language Lab not only facilitates the teaching process but also brings fun and efficiency to learning. It has been greatly used in Schools, Colleges, Universities.

Logiciel Software Tech Pvt Ltd is an emerging Software Development Company who are focused in the sector of educational software. Founded in the year 2004 by a group of three enthusiastic IT professionals, the innovative software development company Lelogiciel™ is focused on the dynamic growth markets. The company's comprehensive product line ranges from Digital language Lab,career Lab, Aptitude Lab, English Language lab,Content management system, Library management, Campus management, Online examination and e-learning services.
Head quartered in Kochi, India, Lelogiciel™ team is passionate about graphics and e-learning methodologies. Their prime product ‘Digital Language lab’ is designed to assist students for imparting skills in spoken English.

Multimedia Language Lab (MLL) Software is a state-of-the-art learning tool pioneered by MLL that enable students to master any language flawlessly and effortlessly. This 100 percent digitized tool enables linguists to maintain constant two-way communication with every student independently and offer precise guidance during sessions even in large classrooms through networked computers from the confines of the instructor's console.
It is a boon for students as it imparts crisp skill sets in learning the nuances of a foreign language accurately with zero distortion. This full-service computerized learning tool is not only cost-effective eliminating the need for cumbersome tape recorders and amplifiers but is also a true value-addition to any language learning facility.

The 21st century has witnessed a revolution in the use of Mobile phones, Emails and Internet. It has ushered in a new world where communication has become language plus soft skills. In modern times the personality of a job seeker is not merely by virtue of his IQ. It is done on the basis of his EQ too. That is, the learner should be equipped to understand the subtle, emotional an cultural nuances and react appropriately. Here lies the importance of acquiring proper communication skills. Smart Lab - Language Lab Software System is a technically savvy Language Lab to hone the communicative competence. Smart Lab - Digital Language Lab is a teaching, learning software. Smart Lab make use of intelligible English that both the native and non - natives speakers of English can apprehend quite easily.

They call themselves the pioneers and the leaders in Fully Computerised Digital Language Lab. ETNL has
designed copyright protected ETNL Language Lab in the year 2001-2002 and successfully implemented at St. Teresa's College. Now They have got Eight academic years experience in technology based English Language Teaching.

LearnSOFT language lab is an instructional technology tool consisting of a source unit that can disseminate audio, audio/visual, and/or written materials to students at individual seats, with a wide variety of potential feedback mechanisms to the Student, Teacher or group of Students in the network. Teacher is the Core part of the LearnSOFT Language Lab. All features are available in Teacher Console.

LearnSOFT Learning Solutions is a technological breakthrough by Logiciel Software Tech Private Limited for imparting high standards in teaching and learning with aid of ICT ("Information and Communications Technology"). The language lab teacher is provided with content matching world class standards developed by specialists.

Globarena started with the aim of providing Quality Learning Solutions by using state of the art technology, and has created a niche for itself. Whether you are a corporate seeking to improve your employee performance or an educational institution planning to help students to succeed in their careers, their products can make a positive impact to your learning needs in many ways.

(Please note that I do not recommend these software for language lab. I use Globarena Language Lab and Career Lab at our institute. I found it good for elementary level learning English language and soft skills through technology. But for intermediate and higher level of learners, the software requires updation. I have seen demo of Orell and Clarity. They also seemed to be good option for lab. I would suggest to contact sales manager and ask for demo before finalising any of the above software. If the software allows freedom of adding and editing course content, I would firmly recommend to go for it.)
Dilip Barad - DELL, HMP Institute

Thursday 23 May 2013

Booker International 2013 - Goes to Lydia Davis - Short Story Writer

What is Booker International?
The Man Booker International Prize, which is distinct from the Man Booker Prize, is a biennial award given to a living author of any nationality for a body of work, rather than a single title, published in English or generally available in English translation. The prize recognizes an individual’s achievement in fiction.(Source: livemint)

The previous winners include 

U. R. Ananthamurthy, 80, was contending for the prize alongside Intizar Husain from Pakistan, Aharon Appelfeld from Israel, and dissident writers like Yan Lianke of China and Vladimir Sorokin of Russia among others. He is the first ever Indian to have been nominated for the prize

"If someone asks me 'Where does he live?' should I answer 'Well, right now he is not living he is dying'?

If someone asks me, 'Where does he live?' can I say 'He lives in Vernon Hall'? Or should I say 'He is dying in Vernon Hall'?"

Isn't it an interesting read? This is Lydia Davis - winner of Man Booker International 2013.

'The Independent' titled this news as "
"Lydia Davis, the shortest of all short story writers, whose works can be as brief as a single sentence, has won the fifth Man Booker International Prize."
Doesn't it arouse curiosity to read some of her shortest short stories?

Well, satiate your desire to read her:
(These stories are down-sourced from
Five Stories
Lydia Davis


MICE LIVE IN OUR WALLS but do not trouble our kitchen. We are pleased but cannot understand why they do not come into our kitchen where we have traps set, as they come into the kitchens of our neighbors. Although we are pleased, we are also upset, because the mice behave as though there were something wrong with our kitchen. What makes this even more puzzling is that our house is much less tidy than the houses of our neighbors. There is more food lying about in our kitchen, more crumbs on the counters and filthy scraps of onion kicked against the base of the cabinets. In fact, there is so much loose food in the kitchen I can only think the mice themselves are defeated by it. In a tidy kitchen, it is a challenge for them to find enough food night after night to survive until spring. They patiently hunt and nibble hour after hour until they are satisfied. In our kitchen, however, they are faced with something so out of proportion to their experience that they cannot deal with it. They might venture out a few steps, but soon the overwhelming sights and smells drive them back into their holes, uncomfortable and embarrassed at not being able to scavenge as they should.


An outburst of anger near the road, a refusal to speak on the path, a silence in the pine woods, a silence across the old railroad bridge, an attempt to be friendly in the water, a refusal to end the argument on the flat stones, a cry of anger on the steep bank of dirt, a weeping among the bushes.


You see how circumstances are to blame. I am not really an odd person if I put more and more small pieces of shredded kleenex in my ears and tie a scarf around my head: when I lived alone I had all the silence I needed.


Nearly every morning, a certain woman in our community comes running out of her house with her face white and her overcoat flapping wildly. She cries out, "Emergency, emergency," and one of us runs to her and holds her until her fears are calmed. We know she is making it up; nothing has really happened to her. But we understand, because there is hardly one of us who has not been moved at some time to do just what she has done, and every time, it has taken all our strength, and even the strength of our friends and families too, to quiet us.


They are lost, but also not lost but somewhere in the world. Most of them are small, though two are larger, one a coat and one a dog. Of the small things, one is a certain ring, one a certain button. They are lost from me and where I am, but they are also not gone. They are somewhere else, and they are there to someone else, it may be. But if not there to someone else, the ring is, still, not lost to itself, but there, only not where I am, and the button, too, there, still, only not where I am.

Don't miss to read this review by Tania Hershman

Reviewing the 200 or so stories Lydia Davis' Collected Storiesis a task that feels almost equal to writing a brief summary of the Encyclopaedia Britannica in under 1000 words. I want to comment on every single story, each one of which provoked a reaction in me, is memorable, sharp, different. But that, clearly, is impossible!

Give your comment on her short stories.