Saturday 15 March 2014

Memorabilia 2014: The Memory Book

Every year, students publish a Memory Book named 'Memorabilia' on the Annual Day of the Department of English (Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University) when the final year students are bid formal farewell. It was released by the guest of the Annual Function Prin. Dr. Sunil P. Sharma.
Principal S. P. Sharma inaugurating the function. 15 March 2015

Prin. Sharma addressing the students after releasing Memorabilia 2014 (15 March 2015)
These students edit a booklet - which carries various creative & critical writings of students, along with message of the Head of the Department (attached below this Memorabilia on this blogpost) and other information. Have a look at Memorabilia 2013-14:


From the Desk of the Head of the Department: Prof. Dilip P. Barad
Dilip Barad

Dear Friends,


There is always a curious feeling at the end of the academic year. It makes my heart a bit saddened to see that the people with whom you shared so many minutes, hours, days, weeks and months are going to depart! At the same time, it feels heart with joy, happiness, hope and optimism – these young people are going to make the corners of the world, wherever they will go, a bit brightening and beautiful. J

The fifteen students, who are passing out in April 2014, are full of talent and marvelous capabilities to work wonders in the world. They all have shown the spark within them, the glimpse of the sparkle, which illuminated time and again, during last two years, feels my heart with optimism about their future career. It gives confidence to see that wherever, in what-so-ever direction they will travel, they are bound towards the destination, which stands to greet them in the arms of success and happiness. J

I would like to mention a few names who worked so hard, sparing their personal times from learning, to see that some of the traditions and conventions of the Department of English are carried out smoothly.

The Library – which is the backbone and life blood of academic institution was very efficiently taken care of by Bhumi Vajani and Kashmiraba Jadeja. Without their dedication and sincerity, no students, research scholars and teachers would have been able to make use of library resource.
The small but beautiful vicinity surrounding the Department building is pleasing to eyes only because of the tree plantations and the care taken by Nidhi Kunvarani, Bhavana Baraiya and Vibhuti Bhatt. They organized two One-Day Gardening events. The  Memory-Tree Plantation and Tree-Guards for protection was planned and effectively carried out by all the students under their guidance. J

The Notice Board is the mirror of the culture and tradition of the academic institute. The ideas shared on the Notice Board reflect the intellectual thinking capacities of the teachers and students homed in the building.  It also is the space to represent students’ creativity, innovation and ingeniousness. It also is the space were history of the events where students’ participated and performed to give good name to the Department and the University is documented in form of photographs. This space was very well managed by Deepti Joshi. She took meticulous care and consideration in managing the space for creativity, innovative ideas and information sharing. L

One of the unique features of our Department is Daily Schedule. The students get an open stage to speak, to share, to express, to converse with the class on the topics of their interest, on their creative writings, on opinions they build on contemporary issues / events, their reviews on books, movies, websites, also a platform to sing songs, to recite poems . . . and whatever talent they have to display. This is considered as very important daily activity where, in real sense, a lot of learning happens in terms of gaining self-confidence and improving the level of self-esteem. It also helps in identifying the real self. Hetalba Gohil and Vibhuti Bhatt administered this activity to the best of their capacities. But for a few days, when I was out of town for some academic extension and on the days of extra lectures, where in this activity faced some hiccups and bumpy road, it was quite well planned throughout the year. L

As the Department makes extensive use of Information and Communication Technology in teaching and learning process, it requires a dedicated team of students to take care of projectors, sound systems, laptops and PCs in language lab. Yashpalsinh Gohil, Pratipalsinh Chudasama, Devendra Joshi and Deepti Joshi tried their best to see that things ran smoothly whenever technological tools were required. During the visit of Language Lab by school children, they took great care with the help of Heeral Bhatt, Bhavna Baraiya, Hitesh Parmar, Saryu Baraiya, Sejal Vaghela and others to see that all the systems ran efficiently. J

Annual Academic Picnic is yet another event, which is a part of the tradition of Department. It gives opportunity to students to understand the milieu in which we are living, breathing, learning and growing. All geographical locations, the temples, the forts, hill-top shrines, forest etc have its unique feature. This time students under the leadership of Devendra Joshi and Yashpalsinh Gohil planned the picnic to places like Ghela Somnath, Minal Devi Shrine, Hingolgadh Nature Interpretation Centre, Sarangpur Hanumanji Temple and Kundal Swaminarayan Temple. It was yet another memorable day! J

It was great to see that students very actively participated in Teachers’ Day, Navratri Day and in celebration of Birthdays’ of all the students. This year Avani Dave and Kashmiraba Jadeja quite ably managed all these celebrations.

Project work is an integral part of academics at Post-Graduate level. It was great to see that Aneri Thakar and the group of students (Devendra Joshi, Pratipalsinh Chudasama and Deepti Joshi) did quite a good work in Project on ELT. It is expected that more of such research projects are done by students in future. J

Amidst all the works, activities and events, there was one very creative project undertaken by Prakruti Bhatt. She has a beautiful skill in painting murals. Murals, which are very cost effective – with the help of earthen things as pigments, she can paint murals, which are very attractive and give wonderful looks to the walls of Classrooms and Offices of the Department. Under her aegis, Hirva Vora, Deepti Joshi and Heenaba Zala (Visiting Faculty) worked on several holidays, Saturday and Sundays to beautify walls of the classrooms of the Department. The Department will always remain grateful to Prakruti and all those who helped her in this work. This is one of the most memorable gifts ever given by the students as a part of their gratitude to the Alma Mater. The images of these murals are beautifying the front page of this Memorabilia 2013-14. J J J

It would be injustice to the talent of Yashpalsinh Gohil - in his technological expertise, especially, in editing videos, if he is not specially mentioned here. He has done wonderful work in editing Kalayatra, Learning through Video Resources and Dr. Kalra-Poet’s video, which are uploaded on YouTube. He had potential to contribute a lot to the Department but because of his personal responsibilities, he was not able to spare enough time. And that’s the real regret for the Department! L

Last but not the least; I am thankful to Hirva Vora for the hard work done for this Memorabilia 2013-14. She maintained records of all the activities undertaken by students, throughout the year, documented every bit and piece of information and went on reminding students to contribute their creativity for this Memorabilia. All the credit for the good things that you find in this Memorabilia goes to her. J

On behalf of Department of English, I am heartily thankful to all these students for painstaking efforts that they have made to see that the name of the Department shines bright in the academia of Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University. J

I, heartily, wish best wishes to all the students. May their smart work and appropriate attitude help them to climb the ladder of success!
It is in the success of the students, that Department finds its success,
It is in the achievement of the students, that Department finds its achievement,
It is in the realization of their dreams, that Department realizes its dreams.

I, hopefully, look forward to the new students to carry on with these traditions and conventions of the Department and make it better wherever they find a space for improvement. J

Oh! Times! Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive,
But to be young was very heaven! (William Wordsworth)
~ Dilip Barad
14 March 2014