Sunday 6 January 2008

Sydney Test Cricket Match: Defeat of Honesty and Integrity of Gentleman's Game

At Sydney Cricket Ground, it’s not India who is defeated, but it’s Cricket. The identity of cricket as ‘Gentleman’s game’ is under sprain since long. What happened in last five days was nothing less that cold-blooded murder of the spirit of Gentleman’s game. Umpires played an imperative role, but they are not the only human agency to be blamed for this bloodbath. They being human beings are prone to err – to err is human. But the way Champions of the Cricket - the Australians, especially the captain Ponting and Symonds bamboozled at the crucial moments of the game is the matter of grave concern. Pointing was caught behind in the first innings and got Ganguly out on the dropped catch in the slips – thus twice, the captain of the world champion team deceived himself, umpires and above all the spirit of the game. The signals sent by this champion team are that of trepidations. It is not the point of worry that the Virtue went unrewarded, but it really concerns that vice has won.

Dilip Barad

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