Tuesday 29 April 2008

Food Grain Crisis: Grain Pain

The world is facing grain pain. We, the dwellers of the 21st century, had never thought in our seventh dream that we will face food grain crisis. Green Revolution and new genetic scientific technology boost our confidence that we, the Man on the Earth, can play wonders. But the curren crisis for food grains in US and to some extent in India has raised serious concerns. We need to relook at the way we are misusing natural resources. Mahatma Gandhi has rightly said that Nature has everything to satisfy the need of all but nothing to satisfy the greed. Global warming is nothing but the result of the greed. Green house effect is the result of the greed. Change in global climate is the result of the greed. Food grain crises is also the result of the greed. To get more meat for non-vegetarians, grains are fed to animals and birds. To build more and more residential houses, fertile land in acquired. If only man learns to control his greed, there won’t be any crises.

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