Thursday, 24 July 2008

Marks Vs Merit

It is well observed that students who can't write a few sentence on their favorite film star secures more than 80% marks in board examination. This reflects to the dire situation in which our education system is. Marks do not guarantee intelligence. Our edu-examination system is like eating too much and then vomiting it. Those students who get good percentage are better in stuffing their memory with cramming and then vomiting over the answer books. The better the vomit, the better the marks! It would be better if we introduce continuous assessment system where in daily performance of the students in all the walks of education, including sports, NCC/NSS, Cultural events etc is also considered seriously for merit. We never give any weightage to extra-curricular activities in the mark-sheet of student, neither is it considered as merit for admission in higher education. We are making grave mistake by missing the mark. Our educationist must realize that marks does not contribute to overall development of personality, it is extra-curricular activities which contribute to it.


  1. I entirely agree with your views on the state of our education. It is indeed memory based. It is not knowledge oriented. It is just exam oriented. I wish you great success in your efforts to develop quality material for teaching English.

  2. Every sensible Indian will agree with your critical views. You have righly flashed out the crisis facing our education system. The National Knowledge Commission is grappling with this problem. Keep writing.

  3. your views are absolutely right and we are totally agree with it. we are at the same opinion that examination should be of understanding power oriented and not be memory power or mark oriented. recently our c.m also viewed regarding the same topic.let's hope that educationalists might mould the examination system and fulfill your idea.F- ashish and vijay