Monday 8 June 2009

Wikipedia and Twitter in School Curricula

‘UK primary schools to include Twitter and Wikipedia in the curricula’

It is, in deed, a commendable move. If we want to make our future generation think out of the box, catch them young. Right from their childhood give them web 2.0 tools and let them toy with them. We do not want our next generation to be merely master-users of virtual world. Unlike today’s younger generation, we want them to be ‘creator’ of virtual wealth. We do not want them to be mere ‘users’, we want them to be ‘contributors’ to the wealth of information, knowledge and growing wisdom. To have our future generation to be such, we have to teach them the tricks at early stage of their edu-career.

Moreover, Wikipedia is free sharing web encyclopedia. By teaching our kids to master such web 2.0 tools, we also teach them moral lesson. We teach them the ethics of sharing FREE. Knowledge is not of sale, information is to be shared with one and all, wisdom is no man’s monopoly, irrespective of class, creed, colour, community or country, it should be shared, contributed and used by one and all. Indian Gurus never patented or copyrighted thier inventions and writings. It was all FREE for the bettermentof human beings. Let us instill Indian traditional ethics in our young generation by giving them reigns of technology.

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