Saturday, 9 February 2013

AN Idea of Utopian state - Rama Rajya

(This post was posted as 'comment' on Facebook under posting of Vacha Dave. Please read the comment to contextualize my views in proper context)

 I am skeptical about such Utopian state - where all is well and all are happy.
Why I believe so because to have such 'super-state' - Rama-Rajya - there should be equality, fraternity and liberty (three watch words of French Renaissance). Well, Equality is a myth. There can never be equality among all living-nonliving beings. All attempts for 'equality' has failed, are failing and will fail - read French Revolution and its outcome, George Orwell's Animal Farm and recent in/actions of United Nations. (UN is blind Dhritrashtra. Isn't it?).Fraternity / Brotherhood is another myth. We can have 'brothers-like-friends', but it is difficult to have friends-like-brothers. It is rare (almost impossible) to find brothers as good friends. read - Bible for Cain and Able, Mahabharat for Kauravas and Pandavas, split in Reliance empire after the death of father... Promod Mahajan's murder.Liberty is yet another myth. Rousseau rightly said - Man is born free, and everywhere he is in shackles. read the political, econolical and social histories of all postcolonial nations - are they really happy after 'liberating' from so called 'raavan-raj of european nations.Thus, all such 'ideologies' which arouse us to crave for oasis are self-contradictory. They are not natural. Yes, i mean it - THEY ARE NOT NATURAL.I am skeptic about what Darwin or Herbert Spencer terms as 'natural'.(this is yet another ideology).Ideologies never work in practical life. If you give freedom of speech to all (even to downtrodden), then Queen of the Rama-Rajya has to live exiled (unhappy) life.
More important is the ideology of 'tolerance'. Are we the Indians not considered as 'soft-people' for being too tolerant? So, if we are tolerant towards 'wickedness' of others, we are considered cowards. And Bhagwat Gita rightly says - its evil to tolerate evil. (Yes, it is very complicated to define 'evil' - one's evil may be other's good).
Well, to conclude this lengthy comment - the answer to why wise-men of the past ages are not able to give - a cook book for super-state is that - to construct super-state is not everyone's cup of tea! And writing book is giving 'theory of living life' - but the yaksha prashna is CAN WE THEORIZE LIFE? Won't it be yet another shackle freedom of human beings?

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