Tuesday 21 April 2015

C for Conditioning: Language & Mind

Brain pushes other organs on periphery because it has Mind which has Language

"C" for Conditioning: The conditioning of Mind by Language

(It is intended to blog small write-ups on Language & Mind in English alphabetical order. Here is with 'C'.)

The camera is an aspect of technology which does not allow us to have complete view of reality. The frame captured by camera leaves out or blacks out several things surrounding the focus of the lens.
Thus, the visual image or moving picture has the limitation. It does not or rather let us say 'can not' view reality from all possible perspectives and thus can not show us the real picture of the event / world.
It's not only with Media, it is with WORDS / Language also. Media uses this power of Language

It's not only with Media, it is with WORDS / Language also. Media uses this power of Language

It is similar to candle / lamp (Deepak). The fire at the wick of candle or lamp (Deepak) 'seems' to brighten the darkness. It gives us an illusion of reality. It makes us believe that we can 'see' things because its light brightens the darkness. But, in reality, it blinds us with its dazzle. Apart from the darkness kept under and around its light, it does not allow us to perceive the reality as our eyes get dazzled in the glare of the light.

Isn't this true about 'words'?
Aren't words in the language, keeps us away from the reality?
It seems that the language (words) takes us towards reality, the truth. But like camera or candle, isn't it dazzling our mind?
Thus, as it is necessary to break free from the illusion of reality in the image or moving the picture or the brightened darkness, it is also necessary to break free from the illusion of words / language.
There is darkness beneath and surrounding the word. The meaning is not only what words show us. But there is something real in what word hides. Need to perceive, not what is revealed, but what is concealed. Language does not reveal, it conceals.
It may be argued that as human beings began to civilize itself, it needed to move away from nature and be cultured. Language is a part of being cultured and civilized. The cultured and civilized being requires to learn the art of concealing. Thus, the language becomes an inevitable part of human civilization.
It is essential for us to understand that language does not communicate, it conditions our mind.
And . . . if you think I am wrong, it proves that all these words used here do not communicate anything.
And  . . . if  u think its quite true, you are conditioned, to think so! These words conditioned you to believe in it.
It is truth unbearable that we can't think beyond mind. Because we think with the mind, we can't think out of the box (mind).
Rodin's Thinker
Here are some of the presentations which tries to justify this argument:

Language as Technopoly: Invisible Technologies from Dilip Barad

Do you agree that we feel, experience, see, perceive world, universe, our surrounding through language? We may counter argue, it is not so, it is rather 'expression' of what we have felt, experienced, seen or perceived through language.
the question is: Would it be different, had we lived with a different set of signs (words / language)?

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