Friday 11 December 2015

Making of Indian States in 12 Images

Infographical Presentation of the Making of Indian States in Twelve Images

From the day India got its Independence in 1947, the making of the states on various reasons was / is ans ongoing process. Initially, states were divided on linguistic identity. Ironically, even today, demands for separate state based on linguistic identity keeps erupting. Perhaps, India would have been more united if straight column and rows, squares of equal area, marked different states. But it would have killed the beautiful diversity (linguistic, cultural, festivals, food, clothing etc) would have been killed. It is good to see India stands united preserving its diversity. Let it get divided into more states on the grounds of socio-cultural-linguistic diversity. The real beauty of India is in its diversity. Any attempt to impose 'oneness' of religion, language, culture or food will neither be accepted nor it will be good for the health of Nation - India.

I do not know who has prepared this. I got it from social media. But who ever has done this, has/have presented it quite beautifully. With the advent of new technologies and smart devices, the mode of communication is changing very rapidly. If today, anybody believed that one should master Language to master communication, he is advocating communication skills for the twentieth century. In the Twenty-First century, communication through visuals is replacing communication through language. If WhatsApp kind of applications are so popularly used for communication, it obviously raises questions. If there was Short Message Service (SMS - Text message), why WhatsApp becomes so popular? Simple reason is that it allows person to go beyond language and communicate through smiles, images and videos. Though it may sound too early to predict that the end of language as the means of communication has begin, yet, one can sense that we now-a-days, are communicating lesser & lesser with languages and, more & more with images. Infographic is the in thing. See, how beautifully these infographs convey the message. It is quite true a picture is worth thousand words! 

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