Saturday 12 March 2016

Literature: What, Why and How

What, Why and How of Studying Literature


As a part of student-reflection on learning, they are asked to add a page on their Digital Portfolio about:
  • What is Literature?
  • Why study Literature?
  • How does it make any difference?
To help students in this process of reflective learning, some useful blogs, videos, web-articles are shared here. As it is necessary to give line of thought or some starting points, so that students can realize what is expected, here are some resources:

  • What Literature is for?

Dilip Barad - an Online Session with Sem 4 Students on 'How to Write How Literature Shaped me?'


How to write 'Learning Outcome of Studying Literature'?: Dilip Barad


 Literature in the Digital Era (Scott Hartley's The Techie and the Fuzzy: Why the Liberal Arts will rule to Digital Era)

We can also ponder on the characters in literary texts in syllabus

Here are some noteworthy links:


You Tube Videos:

1. (Importance of Literature)
2. (what is literature)
3. (Prof. Ron Wheeler)
4. (a day in the life of English literature student)


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