Tuesday 21 March 2017

What if Machines Write Poems

What if Machines write poems?

What if Machines write better poems than humans?

Let us ponder over it on this World Poetry Day!

In the seventeenth year of the digital era, it sounds stupid to ask whether machines / computers can write poems or not. We face ever graver and frightening question. What if machines write better poems than humans?
What if human poems sounds mechanical and machine's, humane?

However, if you still have doubt about whether computers can write poems or not, give your 10 minutes to watch this video to change your perception. Oscar Schwartz has some very provoking questions:

Now, if you want to try some poems written by computer, click here: http://www.pangloss.com/seidel/Poem/
Type first line of your poem and a short poem will be generated by computer!
How easy it is to be a poet!

Such poems are known as Computer Poetry. Want to know more about it? Click here: http://botpoet.com/what-is-computer-poetry/

These days, there are interesting and unbelievable poems written by computer. If you think that computers cannot write poems like humans, check this. Take a test:

Was this poem written by a human or a computer?

In coming days, it will no longer surprise, if people will have to differentiate between their favorite 'human' and 'computer' poets!

Be a poet with the help of auto poem generators. Here are some links where computers generate poems for us:

Generative Literature

The poems 'generated' with the help of algorithm are known as generative literature. Want to know more about generative literature?

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