Friday 15 September 2017

LaPreK - Micro Love Fiction - लप्रेक - लघु प्रेम कथा

LaPreK - Micro Love Fiction - लप्रेक - लघु प्रेम कथा

यह लप्रेक क्या चीज है?

What is the meaning of LaPreK?

These videos will help you understand the meaning of this new trend of literature which is growing in all languages. It can be seen as an influence of social media like WhatsApp or Facebook. It can be also seen as an influence of the reading habit of the contemporary readers. Today, people do not have patience to read longer narratives. It seems, the 'fast-food' effect has habituated literary readers to get instant catharsis. Now, people do not want to wait and give time to aesthetic delight to ripe. Now, the new readers want to taste delight instantly. 

Enjoy these videos:

हिन्दीभाषा के लिए  #१४सितम्बर भारत में #हिन्दी_दिवस मनाया जाता है.

'इश्क में शहर होना' - रवीश कुमार की फेसबुक लव कहानियां 'लप्रेक' का उत्तम उदहारण है.

लप्रेक के बारे में जानिये और एन्जॉय कीजिये कुछ एक लघु प्रेम कथाए, लेखक की जुबानी.

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