Monday, 15 July 2019

Majoritarianism and Religious Identity

Majoritarianism spreads by fear. The fear that they are the most persecuted religious group. The people are shown fear that they will persecuted if they become minority. They give examples of similar conflicts among religious groups. The fear that minority religious identities will become majority. Thereafter, the life of the majority religious identities will be terrible.
Such people who show fear of religious persecutions do not inform people to stay away from religions but advice to cling steadfastly to their religious identities. This is exactly what is going to do what they are prophesying. 
The only way to stop these religious persecutions is to keep new generations away from religions of any sort. 


  1. Sharing my views on majoritarianism in context with contemporary issues and a dystopian web series *Leila*

    1. Very well argued. Well connected with various aspects. From definition to contemporary issue to fictional / imaginative portrayal of systolic society - written in very good language. Flow of thoughts is well maintained in writing style.