Tuesday 1 September 2020

PhD Coursework: Research Methodology - English Studies

Video Resources on Research Methodology - PhD Coursework, Dept. of English, MKBU

1. Prof. Sachin Ketkar on "Translation Studies as World Literature and World Literature as Translation Studies"

2. Dr. Kalyan Chattopadhyay on "Academic Writing"

3. Prof. Kiran Trivedi on "Quality Research Publication: Impact Factor, i-Index, h-Index, i10-Index

4. Dr. Valiur Rahaman on 'The Vocation & Life of Research Scholar'

5. Dr. Kalyani Vallath on 'Practical Ways of Organizing Research'

6. Prof. Balaji Ranganathan on 'Research Techniques'

7. Dr. Valiur Rahaman on 'The Art of Literary Research Today'

8. Prof. Atanu Bhattacharya on 'The Academic Writing: The Basics'


9. Prof. Atanu Bhattacharya on 'The Academic Writing: The 



10. Prof. Nigam Dave on 'Philosophy and Ethics'

11. Dilip Barad on 'Introduction to the Course on Research and Publication Ethics' (Gujarati)

12. Critic, Researcher & Scholar | Richard Altick | The Art of Literary Research

The difference between critic and scholar and that between researcher and scholar is a sort of water-tight compartment - or a line drawn in the sand. Critics is the one who concerns with textual analysis. The researcher concerns itself with intellectual insight and imaginative responses through vivid sense of History. The Scholar is the one who is able to use critics' textual analysis as well as researchers pastness of the past in the present context. If researcher is the means, the scholarship is the end. The scholarship is a habit of main. It is a way of life.

13. Mind and Temperament of Research Scholar | The Art of Literary Research | Richard Altick

What are the necessities to make for a rewarding Research Project?
Publish or Perish?
What are the chief qualities of 'mind' and 'temperament' that go to make up a successful and happy scholar?

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