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Memorabilia 2022

Memorabilia 2022 

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The Memorabilia 2022 released by Dr. Kaushik Bhatt and Prof. Dilip Barad

Video recording of the Annual Function - 9 April 2022

Video recording of the Farewell Function - 9 April 2022

From the Desk of the Head of the Department . . .

This passing out batch, i.e., 2020-22 will go in the annals as ‘the Corona Batch’. Among several disruptions #Covid19 pandemic brought in, the disruption to education system is of a curious kind. On one hand it gave ample opportunities to explore new dimensions in online pedagogy, while on the other hand it made us realize several vital pedagogical issues, which were, hitherto, taken as granted.

The benefits of teaching this batch were innumerable. Right from the beginning, it was challenging to build a rapport with students as students have never visited department or teachers, personally. To bridge this gap, we tried our best to make teaching as interesting and engaging as possible. And hence, we have to ‘revisit & relearn’ pedagogy of teaching in online remote mode. We also have to try our hands at new technologies like OBS, Live Streaming, Video Recording, Learning Glass, Video Conferencing etc. It was not only to use these technologies but also to make it effective and engaging for learners. Going down the memory lane of screenshots taken during first week of teaching this batch was a good memory to see how it all began. The Google Class & the Group were introduced in live video conferencing session – and OBS was used to make it engaging. The learning glass was also used to see that the teaching does not become dull and boring. The first two pictures in the below given collage-pyramid are telling this story. However, the story of disruption does not end here. The other side of the story, the students’ side, had also been of great learning importance.

The students story told from the perspective of teacher has a few significant aspects. The teacher expects curiosity in the eyes of the students. This curiosity is what is driving force for the teacher. Well, in this remote emergency, if there is one very challenging thing, it was to feel the curiosity in the eyes of the students. As most of the students keep their camera’s off, it was not possible to see even normal gestures, forget the curiosity in the eyes. Somehow, it was very difficult to make it understand students that keeping camera on while attending the sessions is necessary. A few students were able to understand this. These students were like oasis in the desert. These students who kept their cameras own while attending the online sessions were such a great relief in the troubling and chaotic situation. Among the few students who understood this, three students deserve special mention. Daya, Nidhi and Riddhi – they were the most consistent in regularly attending the sessions with camera on. We, the teachers, expect to have similar students, in troubling times, wherein one can experience if the attempts made for engaging the learners are materializing or not. The bottom picture of the screenshot-pyramid (given above) is the evidence of this. Such a participation by students in remote teaching is very crucial.

The number of students in this Corona Batch was also considerably low than normal class strength. That was like a double whammy. One, virtual existence of all of us and on it, low number. Some may say it is good. Easy to manage! Well, yes, that’s true but we wanted to do lots of activities. Without good number of participations from equally good number of students, it is difficult to carry on the show. We believe, education is not only completing syllabus and the routine academic rigor. It is all about participating in co-curricular, extra-curricular activities like reading papers in seminars, publishing research papers, participating in cultural and sports events. It is not to say that there was complete stand-still to all these activities. However, it reduced drastically in this passing out batch 2020-22. Even with all these limitations of second wave of corona pandemic and lockdowns of academic institutes and activities not happening as such, our students have participated in around 40 events. Have a look at the chart in Memorabilia 2022 – page number 138/139. In spite of reasonably good participation in the troubling time, we were not able to get laurels and accolades. Except for FIRST positions by Riddhi Bhatt in Essay Writing and Khushbu Lakhupota in Research Paper Writing competitions, the participation did not yield desired result. Apart from this sorry state of affairs, even use of library substantially reduced during this year. Normally, all students have their library card and keep on visiting library occasionally to exchange books. This time, several students did not open an account with University Central Library. To add to this sorry state of affairs, several students’ committees remained ineffective or inactive. This is a great lesson to remembered. This is an example of why education is not only completing syllabus. When the students are not able to have physical gatherings in an academic institute, there are innumerable life-skills which are not acquired. Yes, some are genius and they do not require such training or orientation. Nevertheless, we need to build an environment wherein all these life-skills are acquired without much effort. We are unhappy to see that many talented students are passing out without brushing up their talent, many committee leaders are passing out without learning leadership skills, many are passing out without getting the finishing fine touch of our Department of English.

It is not to be concluded that all was dark and dull. We have seen amazing participation from Kishan, Latta, and Sneha in various events. Apart from Daya, Nidhi & Riddhi, Latta & Khushboo have displayed an amazing development in their performances from first to the last semester. Chandani, Sneha, Jignesh, Bhavyang, Pina & Aditi were also very good and performed as expected. Hiral and Nandita are talented but somehow, they were not able explore their potential during the studies. Bhumika, Anjali & Stuti are also good in several things but were not able to perform as per their capacities. You all have incredible spart within yourself. Had there been no corona pandemic, we would surely have been able to fire it and see the sparkles that you all are capable of.

With a sense of pastness, we are all supposed to look forward towards future. Bygone is bygone. No one can amend the past. But future is still in our hand, in our control. From the pandemic year we learn to be ready for whatsoever befall on us. Without giving an iota of doubt or an inch of hesitation, we shall be ready to live life it all its fullest capacity.

On behalf of Department of English, MKBU, I wish you all a great future.

Let yourself metamorphose into something so beautiful that we feel proud to say that ‘s/he is our student’.                                                   ~ Dilip Barad 

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