Friday 17 November 2023

Beware of Histofluencers

Image generated by prompt - 'Young Indian Social Media Influencers'

In recent times, it has become common to see young Indian social media influencers sharing historical videos about the country. While social media allows more people to participate in narrating the past, the proliferation of amateur historiography brings risks. As these convenient digests of history permeate social feeds, they often showcase ideological biases or oversimplifications that distort complex truths. When followers share such problematic historical accounts, it can be challenging to respond thoughtfully each time. This post offers a perspective to consider when engaging with this type of social media content about Indian history. The aim is not to attack creators or discount their efforts entirely but rather encourage critical analysis of how facts are presented and blended with agendas. With care, social media can open up history to wider audiences productively. But we must be alert to the biases that may slip in along the way.

I asked popular Chat AI tools to help me with language in putting the thoughts in proper manner. Here are the responses generated after prompting them several times for precise result:

Open AI's Chat GPT:

"When wading through the historical tales spun by right-wing social media influencers, let your critical eye be the judge. They deftly entwine fiction with fact, crafting a narrative that suits their ideological script. True historiography demands an objective interpretation of evidence, not a patchwork of convenient tales. As we navigate the tumultuous sea of historical discourse, be wary of the siren song sung by biased 'Histofluencers.'"

"Approach the historical chronicles peddled by right-wing social media influencers like a seasoned detective. These storytellers masterfully meld fiction with fact, orchestrating a narrative symphony that aligns with their agenda. Genuine historiography demands a sober examination of evidence, not a fanciful mosaic of preconceived stories. In the theater of historical discourse, be the discerning audience, resistant to the alluring spell cast by biased 'Histofluencers.'"

"As you delve into the historical tapestry woven by right-wing social media influencers, wear the armor of skepticism. They artfully blend fiction into the fabric of facts, choreographing a narrative dance that caters to their ideological tune. Authentic historiography demands a clear-eyed assessment of evidence, not a fanciful patchwork quilt of convenient tales. In the arena of historical dialogue, be the vigilant guardian, immune to the enchanting spell cast by biased 'Histofluencers.'"

Image generated by Canva AI - 'Young Indian Social Media Influencers'

 Anthropic's ClaudeAI:

"Attention! Be warned that the tales spun by right-wing 'Histofluencers' warrant wariness. Their fabled accounts are more fiction than fact, crafted to conveniently further their motives, not pursue objective truth. True history relies not on fabricated narrative, but evidence! Remember, those who fill gaps with fancy on social media may intoxicate minds with bias. So I caution you - take their versions with grains of salt, and keep your wits about you! We must remain vigilant against pseudo-history that bends the past to serve twisted agendas. Now go forth armed with skepticism, and unravel their revisionist deceit!"

Google's Bard

"Right-wing social media 'Histofluencers' are like magicians, conjuring up historical tales that dance to the tune of their agenda."

"History is not a storybook to be colored with convenient narratives. It's a tapestry woven from the threads of evidence, and these 'Histofluencers' are busy snipping and splicing them to fit their own patterns."

"Social media has democratized historical discourse, but don't let these self-proclaimed historians intoxicate you with their biased brews. Be a discerning audience, and don't let your historical understanding be hijacked by their partisan agendas."

"In the grand courtroom of history, these 'Histofluencers' are not impartial judges but cunning prosecutors, twisting facts to convict the past of crimes it never committed."

"History is not a plaything to be manipulated for political gain. These 'Histofluencers' are not historians; they are puppeteers, dangling historical figures on strings to dance to their own tunes."

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