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Monday 12 January 2015

Presentation and Quiz on Aravind Adiga's 'The White Tiger'

Worksheet, Presentation, Tasks and Quiz on 'The White Tiger'

Narratology: The Study of Narrative Technique

Master-Slave Morality

Master-slave morality




Before you appear in the quiz or respond to the tasks, view this presentation. It may help you in answering several questions.

Literary Appreciation of 'The White Tiger' by dilipbarad on Scribd


Respond to these questions in the comment section below this post (preferably, post link of your blog/s):
  • How far do you agree with the India represented in the novel The White Tiger?
  • Do you believe that Balram's story is the archetype of all stories of 'rags to riches'?
  • "Language bears within itself the necessity of its own critique, deconstructive criticism aims to show that any text inevitably undermines its own claims to have a determinate meaning, and licences the reader to produce his own meanings out of it by an activity of semantic 'freeplay' (Derrida, 1978, in Lodge, 1988, p. 108). Is it possible to do deconstructive reading of The White Tiger? How?
  • With ref to screening of select scenes of Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire in today's class:
    Write a blog on similarities between The White Tiger and Slumdog Millionaire. Include following points:
    1. Narrative structure - Wanted Poster # KBC show
    2. Indianness
    3. List of questions asked in the film. If you have to replace or add a few questions, which questions would you like to add. Remember, questions shall be in-tune with the screenplay of the film .
    4. On what grounds can u deconstruct the film with reference to post colonial tools / theories.
    5. Compare with Texture and Treatment of subject content in film and novel.


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