Tuesday, 5 February 2008

WiFi in Rajkot city (Gujarat - India)

iApropos to ‘WiFi in Rajkot City’….

Its belated yet a welcome move by municipal body to implement WiFi facility in Rajkot city. What’s so inspiring about this move is the selection of place. Their giving priority to University area is in real sense a commendable act. At a time, when else in the world, governments look forward to give better infrastructure in IT for business and corporate world, here is an example, noteworthy, provided by Rajkot Municipal Corporation, to give importance to the educational infrastructure development. In the heydays of economical advancement in India, it’s laudable to think about providing a better wifi-internet infrastructure to University students. Isn’t it?

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  1. I believe that any new move towards development is acceptable and appreciated. Rajkot Municipal Corporation has announced to start Wi-Fi pilot project with 500 meter radius in Rajkot city. RMC and local sponsors have considered three spots, Saurashtra University, Sadar Bazaar near Stock Exchange and RMC west zone office near 150 feet ring road.

    I believe that it will be very positive and optimistic approach by RMC to lunch first Wi-Fi facility in whole Gujarat State. I certainly believe that rajkotians will grab this opportunity and use it for betterment and progress.

    If this pilot project will be successful then RMC can lunch more hot spots in Rajkot and one day rajkot also can have Wi-Max and title of Cyber City in Gujarat.