Wednesday 14 May 2014

Survey: The Networked Teacher

Dear all,
I would request you to take this survey on 'The Networked Teacher'. It will help you to know if you are really a 21st century teacher or not. It has been increasingly demanded on the part of teacher to be 'networked' with various stakeholders. Teacher has to be interlinked with peers and leader for professional development; with learners / students for 'engaging' them with learning, 24X7; with parents for updating them; with educational institutes (both brick n mortal and online) for disseminating their learnings; with society for their accountability and responsibility. All these interlinking is possible if teacher is used to internet. If s/he is effective user of social media and other web tools, s/he can very easily and efficiently build bridges among all stakeholders.
The Typical Teacher Network and The Networked Teacher are two diagrams created by Alec Couros from the Faculty of Education at the University of Regina as part of his doctoral thesis to signify the different ways in which teachers network in the 21st century. Source:

Well, this survey will also help you to learn what are the potentials and possibilities that as a teacher, you can explore, adopt, adapt and thus, be an adept teacher in using technology, both as teacher and as well as learner.
The questionnaire / survey is embedded from Google docs on this blog. At times, owing to slow internet connection, browser problem or cache related issues, it may take some time in displaying the questionnaire / survey on this blog. After waiting for a minute or so, if it does not display here, please visit this link to fill in the online questionnaire / survey.

Click here to get diverted to the questionnaire / survey

The raw outcome will be available on this blog after handful of survey responses are gathered. It will remain up to 'YOU' to interpret and analyse the data of this survey.
We are thankful to following teachers/scholars for their responses. We request you to motivate your friends to fill in this questionnaire. A very warm, heart-felt regards for your help.
Robin Bulleri
Sachin Ketkar
R Harrison
Jen Baker
Dilip Bhatt
Amit Keraliya
Ranganayaki Srinivas
Pradip Sarikhada
Jay Mehta
Dr. Nikhil Joshi
Mayur Agravat
Rakesh Patel
Natália Guerreiro
Ashok pandya
Ashok pandya
Devang PAtel
Nilesh Sulbhewar
Cherry Philipose
Alexandra Volker
Gautam Dua
Janki Thakker
Parul Popat
ketan patel
zakia firdaus
Rucha Desai
Prachee Waray
Hardik Sharma
Sunil Sharma
Pushpa Dixit
Sanjay Ghodke
Smaina Boxwala
Ulupi Mehta
Kishori Chandarana
Ansar Khan
Dilip Sutariya
Suresh Rajratna
Imran Khan M Yusufzay
Mansi Agravat

KETAN Pithadia
Heera Rajwani
Trivedi Kiran
Parth Bhatt
Yogesh Kashikar
Sachin Matode 

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