Monday 21 December 2020

Photo-Novel on Facebook


After the popularity of the genre of novel writing in form of Graphic Novel, we have an interesting possibility to have a new genre of narrating a story in form of 'Photo-Novel' for Social Media publication.

Here are three examples of stories told through series of photographs and shared on Facebook

1. Facebook Page 'Talking Books Movies posted this album of a narrative told through beautiful photographs. 

Photography is a very powerful medium because one frame can evoke so many emotions without the help of words. Sad, happy, or worry, a good photograph can drive the message seamlessly.
‘Avani’ is a brilliant photo shoot by Arjun Kamath, constituting 48 photographs that convey the story of a woman in a patriarchal society. Avani’s story can be the story of you and me as the struggles and setbacks that she faces are the common problems of India, a country which is still deep-rooted in patriarchy. #WebSeries #TBM #TBMoriginals
If the following embedded post is not visible, click on this link to watch the narration of this Photo-Novel:

2. Mission Impossible? Finding 1 girl in India's 1.25 billion!

THE STORY IN PHOTOS: Traveling India by train few weeks ago, Dick Smith passed a homeless family living under a bridge, including a young girl wearing nothing but a pink bracelet. He snapped some pics on his iPhone, noted down the GPS position, and asked if Jess and I would like to go to India, try and find this same girl & her family, help them into accommodation, secure the girl an education, buy them life's basics and open her a bank account for Dick to regularly deposit into - all in three days! We just got back yesterday. SHARE this album to spread some Christmas spirit!!!Click here to watch it on Facebook, if the below embedded post is not visible.

3. Social Evil:

This is not as finished as the first one but is a good attempt. The photos are good but the important aspect of narration is the 'caption'. There is absolutely nothing in the captions. If you watch the first and second story, again, you will find very precisely written captions. The real success of the narration of 'Photo-Novels' lies in the 'Captions'.
Click here, if the below embedded code is not visible.

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