Saturday 18 September 2021

Pedagogical Shift from Text to Hypertext: Language & Literature to the Digital Natives

 A #Pedagogical Shift from Text to #Hypertext:

Language & Literature to the Digital Natives

#Hypertext #DigitalNatives
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An International Faculty Development Programme on
A #Pedagogical Shift from Text to #Hypertext: Language & Literature to the Digital Natives.
Silvio Gaggi has argued in 'From Text to Hypertext: Decentering the Subject in Fiction, Film, the Visual Arts, and Electronic Media' that
-It is a tenet of postmodern writing that the subject—the self—is unstable, fragmented, and decentered.
In considering electronic media, Gaggi takes his argument to an entirely new level.
Besides recognizing how the computer has enabled artists to create works of fiction in which readers themselves become decentered, Gaggi also observes the impact of literature created on computer networks, where even the limitations of CD-ROM are lifted and the notion of individual authorship may for all practical purposes be lost.
We can use this argument to say that:
The very tenet of Digital Pedagogy makes the subject unstable, fragmented, and decentered.
Here, the 'Subject' is 'Core Content, the teacher and the taught'.
This decentering of #learners and the notion of #Teachership may for all practical purpose be lost.
Thanks to Xavier Pradheep Singh and Ajantha ParthaSarathi for this opportunity.14 Sept 2021.


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