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Thursday 20 July 2023

Sandeep Bhaiya TVF


Umeed tootne pe zindagi bhi naaraz hoti hai par hote hain kuch log jinhe haar manzoor nahi! Sandeep Bhaiya is a character who never accepted failure and always motivated others to achieve their goals too. This show revolves around his journey from being a UPSC student to becoming a civil servant. #TVF #SandeepBhaiya #UPSC #UpscMotivation #IAS Directed by: Parijat Joshi Story: Shreyansh Pandey, Nitin Tiwari, Siddhartha Tiwari Written by: Siddhartha Tiwari, Nitin Tiwari Executive Producers: Vijay Koshy, Shreyansh Pandey, Anandeshwar Dwivedi Associate Producers: Jitendra Kumar, Mittal Sangle, Shivani Sinha Supervising Producer: Uteja Sharma Creative Producer: Nitin Tiwari D.O.P: Sreechith Vijayan Damodar Editor: Tushar Manocha Music: Rishi Dutta Post Production: Gaurav Rungta, Garvit Janshali Casting: Navrattan Mehta Costume Stylist: Yashika Kakkar Production Designer: Abhimanyu Jai Cast: Sunny Hinduja, Deepali Gautam, Punit Tiwari, Rajendra Gupta, Abhinav Anand

Tuesday 1 June 2021

TVF's Aspirants Web Series

 TVF's Aspirants: Pre... Mains aur Life

1"UPSC - Optional Me Kya Hai?"Apoorv Singh KarkiDeepesh Sumitra Jagdish7 April 2021
Abhilash entered the Old Rajinder Nagar, Delhi, to prepare for his UPSC CSE,
which is famous for Coaching institutes of Civil service examinations.
He is trying to change his optional subject but the things become difficult as it is his last attempt.

2"Teacher Sahi Hona Chahiye"Apoorv Singh KarkiDeepesh Sumitra Jagdish14 April 2021
Abhilash became dissatisfied with his teacher in the institute eventually decided to leave his coaching
institute as he is worried about his examination.

3"Positive Approach Rakh Yaar"Apoorv Singh KarkiDeepesh Sumitra Jagdish21 April 2021
After being taunted regarding his negative approach, Abhilash went to study at the library, where Dhairya
enters his life after which things turn positive. But, things turns out impotent.

4"Plan B Kya Hai?"Apoorv Singh KarkiDeepesh Sumitra Jagdish28 April 2021
Finally, Abhilash realises that cracking UPSC is difficult, no matter how determined a candidate is.
He also realises that he needs a backup plan.

5"UPSC - Pre...Mains aur Life."Apoorv Singh KarkiDeepesh Sumitra Jagdish8 May 2021
IAS Abhilash Sharma struggles when the past meets the present. Things took turn when Sandeep
Bhaiya, his mentor cum friend from the past, returns as a colleague and advise him as he used to do.