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Sunday 23 August 2015

Worksheet: Dr. Faustus: A Play by Christopher Marlowe

(Draft of the post)
Doctor Faustus: Christopher Marlowe

Thinking activity :

1) The play directed by Matthew Dunster for Globe theatre ends with this scene (see the image of Lucifer). What does it signify?
Last Scene: Lucifer with wide wings
2) Is God present in the play? If yes, where and how? If No, why?
3) What reading and interpretation can be given to this image (see the image of Daedalus and Icarus) with reference to central theme of the play Dr. Faustus?
Father Daedalus and Son Icarus
4) How do you interpret this painting?

5) Read this article by Bhagat Singh. In light of the arguments made by Bhagat Singh in this article, can you re-write last monologue of Doctor Faustus?

6) Summarise articles discussed in the class:

You can take help of below given reading resources.

1) View presentation on contribution of Christopher Marlowe to English Drama: