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Friday 20 January 2017

Education System: School in Forest

In Derridean discourse, it is believed that *Language bears within itself the necessity of its own critique*. The element to undermine the proposition or hypothesis lies within itself.

जो भी हम कहना चाहे
बर्बाद करे अल्फाज़ हमारे  (Irshad kaamil)

_When I pronounce the word Future,the first syllable already belongs to the past._
_When I pronounce the word Silence,I destroy it._
_When I pronounce the word Nothing,I make something no non-being can hold_
( Wislawa Szymborska)

When Chetan Bhagat makes his God say *medium amount* of Intelligence and *a bit* of Imagination, he is actually deconstructing himself.
उसके शव्द उसको बार्बाद कर रहे है।
How? Well, a good literature is not possible without proper use of intelligence and imagination. Intelligence helps to rationalize the events and imagination helps in connecting events with the philosophical thought.
The popular literature is not 'real literature' because it lacks depth of intellectual analysis. Its flight of Imagination is also without wings of philosophy.
Thus only these two adjectives for intelligence n imagination are enough for the critique popular literature. Anyhow, the popular literature has all capacities to transcend these boundaries. It all depends on how deeply the writer can penetrate while dealing with shallowness of its content. Thus, in Chetan Bhagat's use of these words undermines entire popular literature or a sort of 'dramadies' written by similar writers.

Well, we are here to look critically at a popular meme on education system.
Below is given a popular meme on a satire on education system. It is very interesting to see how it criticizes the 'standardization' of education system. To a greater extent it is very difficult to disagree with the statement of satire made by this popular meme.

Well, can we find anything in this image to deconstruct it?

If language bears within itself the necessity of its own critique, how can we find the aporia / loose stone in this meme to deconstruct its very existence. On what grounds can we undermine the signifier so us to make Sign have different signified? 

One of the ways of doing so is to deconstruct the metaphor. The literal reading of metaphor can help in presenting a critique of its sign. In this meme, the animals are used metaphorically. The animals suggest humans with varied capabilities. One animar is good in the skill which it is meant to perform and is utterly incapable of performing other skills. Similarly, it attempts to suggest that humans cannot do everything. All humans are born with a gift to do one or the other things.
That's fine. But this 'maxim' that humans cannot do everything is not aptly used in this meme. Rather, it is fact that humans can do whatever they want to. Though humans are animals, yet humans are intelligent animal. Only human beings have intelligence as well as imagination. This makes human beings capable to have philosophy as well as historical sense. These capacities makes humans far better than other animals. Especially, when it comes to education, there is no parallel between humans and animals. Yes, training is a different things. We can train animals into doing several things and can use them in Circus or domesticate to use them for agrarian works. But we cannot educate animals . We cannot teach language to animals. We cannot teach language to philosophise or have historical sense. Thus, this meme do not convey the right message. It may be good for the satire on 'standardization of tests' but not at all on 'education system'.

Do you have any other points to deconstruct this metaphor?

Tuesday 22 April 2008

Education for All ...

Education for all….
There is a paradox. Either you go for education for all or quality education. Constitution says about fundamental right to education. Committees are against expansion of education infrastructure. The situation in this paradox remains – ‘rich can buy better education and poor are compelled to receive substandard education’.
Well, the best way (perhaps) to crack this paradoxical puzzle is to pour money into it - Money for infrastructure and for salary. It’s still easy to pour money for infrastructure and develop it. More difficult is to pour money for salary. When the sixth pay commission has submitted it report and a committee is set to revise its guidelines, it’s perhaps best time to restructure pay scales of teachers working in government aided schools. Once government aided teachers are paid handsomely, the private players must increase their salary. Once the salary is better off, talented young will be attracted towards working in schools. I would suggest better salary packages for rural schools as compared to that in city schools. We want better teachers to work in rural and semi urban schools. In cities, there are better opportunities to ‘buy’ education, villages don’t have such options.

Like, India's Education system, Legal system of India is also facing crunch for best brains. As best of the best brain opt for medical or engineering, and the left out of standard 12th are in queue for being teachers in schools and colleges, similarly successfully lawyers never give up their practice to don a judge's robe. In the last meeting of the chief justices of high courts of India pay hike was prominent demand of one and all.

Money is not the root of all the evils. Lact of it is. Money is one of the best motivators. It is pay packages of IIM and IIT graduates that insire more and more young and brilliant brians to adopt the profession of management or IT.

If attractive packages are availed to teachers, most of, if not all the problems pertaining to education can be solved in India.