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Saturday 25 March 2023

FAQs - Dissertation Writing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Dissertation Writing

Chapter 1 - Introduction:

a. Is the topic and title properly introduced and explained?
b. Is the theoretical framework mentioned?
c. Is about the author written within the contextual framework of the dissertation topic?
d. Are selected texts introduced with reference to the dissertation topic?
e. Are research questions or hypotheses mentioned at the end of the chapter?
f. Are ‘In-text citations’ referred in parenthesis and mentioned in ‘Works Cited’ at the end of the chapter?

Chapter 2 - Literature Review:

a. How many articles, theses, books, etc. are reviewed?
b. Are the beginning and closing paragraphs interlinked to give a smooth flow to the readers?
c. Is the chapter written with ‘Introduction’ and ‘Conclusion’ of the review of related literature?
d. Is the research gap clearly identified and mentioned in the concluding paragraph?
e. Is the research gap matching with the research questions / hypotheses mentioned in the previous chapter?

Chapter 3 & 4 - Core Analyses of Texts:

a. Is the analysis done with the help of research questions / hypotheses and the research gap mentioned in previous chapters?
b. Are articles, books, theses, etc. reviewed in chapter 2 referred to bring home the argument, interpretation, or inferences in these chapters?
c. Are textual evidences in form of “quotes” from the texts written in these chapters?
d. Are interpretations based on the evidences from reviewed literature and supported from literary texts?
e. Are you able to add your own understanding to the analyses?
f. Are you able to apply the relevant literary theories while analyzing the texts?

Chapter 5 - Conclusion:

a. Have you answered the research questions / hypotheses mentioned in chapter 1?
b. Have you filled the research gap which is mentioned in chapter 2?
c. Is your conclusion based on the inferences drawn from the analyses in chapter 3 & 4?
d. Do you think you have added anything new to the existing understanding of the topic / research area?


1. Is the dissertation written cohesively with a smooth flow of ideas and arguments?
2. Is the language clear and concise?
3. Are there any grammatical or spelling errors?
4. Are all sources cited properly in-text and in the works cited section?
5. Have you followed the guidelines provided by your university or department for formatting and structuring the dissertation?
6. Have you proofread your work thoroughly?
7. Is the word count within the specified limit?
8. Have you followed ethical guidelines for research and writing?