Tuesday, 22 April 2008

IPL: a sect in the Religion of Cricket

I doubt if IPL will lessen nationalism. The worst form of it will be reflected in spectators’ loyalty to their city/club teams. We have seen in the first three days of IPL that when the Mumbai Indians lost wicket, there was pin drop silence in the Mumbai stadium which was roaring like sea on gale at the wickets of opponents. Similar silence and uproar were observed at Bangalore and Mohali.

This phenomenon will surely lead to hooliganism. Regionalism is already on sprawl in India due to political colors. This form of cricket will add fuel to the fire. Culturally divided nation like India, whose unity lies in its diversity, may experience further divides because of new form of cricket. Cricket is considered as one of the unifying catalyst in the diversity of India. Unanimously, all agreed that Cricket is a religion where all other religions dissolve. IPL will create more sects in this religious spirit associated with the game of cricket.


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