Thursday 9 March 2023

Pedagogical Usage of E-Content | Online Short Term Course | MOOCs & E-Content Development | UGC-HRDC

 Pedagogical Usage of E-Content | Online Short Term Course | MOOCs & E-Content Development | UGC-HRDC

The video is a recording of a short-term course on pedagogical usage of e-content and MOOCs. The speaker mentions that the use of technology is challenging but not impossible, and encourages the participants to use the available technology to create e-content for their subjects. The speaker emphasizes that the learning objectives should be the main concern, and not just making something attractive. The speaker also mentions a survey and requests the participants to fill it out.

Detailed Summary:
he video is a recording of an online short-term course on the pedagogical usage of e-content, MOOCs, and e-content development offered by UGC-HRDC. The speaker begins by thanking the participants for filling out a comprehensive questionnaire the day before and acknowledging the challenges of implementing the knowledge to be shared. The speaker encourages participants to keep their cameras on during the session, and notes that there are currently 90 participants, with 22 expected to join.

The speaker discusses their experience with e-content development, having received a project from UGC and MHRD, and highlights the importance of pedagogical concerns in creating e-content. The speaker emphasizes that e-content should have learning objectives and not just be designed to glamorize or attract students. They suggest that the best way to use technology in e-content development is to be self-reliant and utilize available resources, as not all locations have access to experts who can handle high-end technologies such as VFX and animation.

The speaker notes that each subject has its unique needs and suggests that participants consider how technology and digital tools can help them convert their text into e-text or material. They also emphasize the importance of pedagogical concerns in e-content development, as well as the need for self-reliance and utilizing available resources. The speaker mentions a survey link shared with participants the day before and encourages those who have not yet given their responses to do so.

The speaker shares their PowerPoint presentation and discusses various aspects of e-content development, such as the importance of multimedia, creating interactive content, and using open educational resources (OER). They emphasize the need for pedagogically sound content and mention tools such as Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) to manage e-content. The speaker also discusses the challenges of e-content development, such as accessibility and the need for quality control.

Throughout the session, the speaker encourages participants to engage in discussions and ask questions, and notes that the goal is to learn and share knowledge. The video ends with the speaker thanking participants for their time and noting that they will continue the discussion in subsequent sessions.

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