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Thursday 6 April 2017

Rubric for the evaluation of Digital Portfolio

Evaluation Rubric: Digital Portfolio

Digital Portfolios or ePortfolios are very useful pedagogical tool for the 21st century teacher. If the teacher wants to keep record of the academic progression of students, digital portfolios of students is an interesting idea. Having said that DPs are very important, it becomes very important to ponder on the parameters to evaluate DPs. As DPs are not widely practiced as normal academic evaluation, not many teachers or academicians or institutes understand the modes of evaluation. Here is one rubric for the evaluation of DP. If you are trying out DPs for your students, this may be of some help. 

Thursday 18 February 2016

Digital Portfolio

Digital Portfolio: Archival and Curation of Works Produced by Students in Classroom

  • Objectives of the Demonstration of Digital Portfolio: 
The Students are strongly encouraged to build digital portfolio to document the four habits of mind:
·        1. Integrative thinking: The ability and habit to recognize relationships among ideas and experiences that are not routinely thought of as related.
·        2. Reflective thinking: The ability and habit of looking back at previous learning and setting those experiences in a new context created by subsequent learning.
·        3. Thinking in Community: The ability and habit of seeking connections between your learning and the learning of others in the class / community.
·       4.  Thinking in context:  The ability and habit of seeking connections between what you learned in college and relating those connections to subjects, debate and discussion in the wider world. (Lorenzo and Ittelson) 

·          It is imperative that in 2015, students be able to curate, archive and expand on the work they are producing in class
•Today’s education must help students authentically learn important digital citizenship lessons.  
  • Education must students to internalize the core subject as well as vital digital literacy skills such as creating their own digital web presence and learning to effectively and purposefully share their learning with the world

  • Apart from these learning objectives, it is necessary to see that Indian languages grow its presence on internet. If our students create their web presence by publishing the works produced in the classroom, it will help in having significant web presence of our languages, our universities and along with it, it will support the national campaign on Digital India. If more students from regional languages departments are motivated, we can achieve this objective.
  • Digital Locker: This digital portfolio is a sort of digital locker of all important documents of the students. Whenever, wherever student requires documents for job application or other purpose, it can be downloaded from anywhere, any-time

  • How to evaluate Digital Portfolio? (Online Rubric for the evaluation of Digital Portfolio)
After viewing demonstration by the student and asking him/her questions, please rate the digital portfolio on following parameters. The students are going to get marks in internal evaluation on the basis of your evaluation. Some of the concepts of assessment of DP is borrowed from
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