Saturday, 24 January 2015

Introduction to Education and Technology

Introduction to Education, Technology and ELT

This blog is based on the classroom discussion of the below given presentation, videos and images.

  • Reading Resources: 
  • Presentation 1: Education and Technology

Introduction to Education and Technology from Dilip Barad

  • Video 2:Sugata Mitra: School in the cloud- SOLE

  • Video 3: Sugata Mitra: Future of Learning

  • Video 4:Salman Khan: Let's use video to reinvent education

    Video 5: Marc Prensky: Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants Video 6: David Crystal: The Effect of New Technologies on Engish: Video 7: David Crystal: The Biggest Challange for English Language Teachers in the times of Internet: Video 8: David Crystal: Texting is 'Good' for English Language
  • Image 1:

  • Image 2:

  • Image 3: 

  • Image 4: (Removed)

  • Image 5: 
  • Image 6: 

  • Image 7: 


    Quiz 1:

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