Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Testing and Evaluation

Testing: Assessment & Evaluation

  • Testing for Language Teachers by Arthur Hughes (1989, CUP) 
    • Teaching and Testing (pg 1 to 6) 
    • Kinds of Test and Testing (pg 9 -­ 21) 
    • Validity (pg 22-­28) 
    • Reliability (pg 29-­43) 
    • Achieving Beneficial Backwash (pg 44-­47) 
    • Stages of Test Construction (pg 48-­58) 
    • Test techniques and testing overall ability (pg 59­-74) 
    • Testing W­S­R­L )pg 75­-140) 
    • Testing grammar and vocabulary (pg 141­-151) 
    • Test administration (152-­154) 

Washback / Backwash

Handouts - by Dr. Atanu Bhattacharya

Click on the title to view this presentation on Validity, Reliability, Practicality of Test & its Washback Effect:


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